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Dr. B Niranjan Naik

Dr. B Niranjan Naik

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Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon

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Feroza Begum

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Breast Cancer Treatment In India
  1. The total cost of breast cancer treatment in India starts from USD 2000
  2. Although it differs for every stage, the average success rate for breast cancer treatment in India is 80%
  3. Medanta, Apollo and Max Hospital are the top hospitals for breast cancer treatment in India, and the most renowned doctors in the field are Dr Rajiv Aggarwal, Dr Ramesh Sarin and Dr Harith Chaturvedi.
  4. The stay for treatment in India can be anywhere between 7 days to 6 months, depending on the type of treatment and stage of cancer.
About Breast Cancer

When cancer cells start forming inside the breast, it is known as breast cancer.After skin cancer ,It is the most common type of cancer among women.

Factors and Causes

It is difficult to determine the exact cause of breast cancer. However, the following factors increase the chances of getting breast cancer:

Genetic factors: If the person inherits family genes that have a history of breast cancer, the risk of occurrence of breast cancer increases for that woman.

Sex and Age: Chances of breast cancer increases as the female grows older.

Obesity: Unhealthy living conditions that lead to weight gain also increase the risk of breast cancer.

Age of menopause or start of the period: If a female began getting her periods at an early age or is approaching menopause at an older age, it increases the risk of breast cancer.

First child: If a female has her first child after the age of 30 or has never been pregnant, the risk is higher.

Exposure to radiation: High exposure to harmful radiation at a young age also increases the chances of breast cancer when they grow older.

Drinking alcohol or undergoing hormonal therapy after menopause also increases the risk of breast cancer.


Following are the symptoms that can be a sign of breast cancer:

  1. Change in the shape, appearance or size of one breast or both.
  2. Variations in the skin texture of the breast.
  3. Scaling and flaking of the skin around the nipple.
  4. A lump formation on the breast or armpit.
  5. Redness of the skin over the breast.
  1. Breast examination by the doctor to check for lumps is the first step to diagnose breast cancer
  2. An X-ray of the breasts also known as a mammogram, or a breast ultrasound to detect the nature of a lump or abnormality
  3. A breast MRI
  4. Biopsy: Removal of cells/ tissues to test for cancer.
  5. Other tests may include blood tests, PET and CT scan

Surgery: A surgery aims to remove the cancerous cells or lumps from the breast and is called a lumpectomy. A mastectomy removes the entire set of breast tissues. Various other surgical procedures remove specific lymph nodes. Depending on the stage of cancer and its extent, doctors may suggest different procedures.

Radiation Therapy: Radiation therapy uses high energy rays like proton rays or x-rays to kill cancerous cells. Sometimes the doctors may suggest it even after the surgery to remove the remaining mutated cell.

Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy aims to kill the rapidly growing cancerous cells through chemical drugs. Sometimes doctors prescribe chemotherapy before the surgery to reduce the lump size before removing it.

Others: In addition to these three most commonly used treatment methods, hormonal therapy, targeted drug therapy, and immunotherapy may also be used depending on the stage and type of breast cancer.


Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy are treatments that go on for a period of four to six months as required. The recovery after breast cancer takes a long time and may also need emotional support for the patient. Doctors may recommend additional medicines and a regular check-up to keep a check on the re occurrence of cancer cells. Some patients also undergo physiotherapy and other exercises to keep themselves active and avoid the swelling of the arm.

Factors affecting the cost of treatment in different states in India

Breast Cancer Treatment In Pune: There are various breast cancer specialist doctors and hospitals in Pune that have raised the bar of the quality of treatment available.

Breast Cancer Treatment In Kerala: In addition to the hospitals and doctors, there are various alternative therapy methods widely available for breast cancer treatment in Kerala, including ayurvedic medicines and therapy.

Breast Cancer Treatment In Delhi: Delhi is the most-reputed city for breast cancer treatment with the most experienced doctors and state-of-the-art facilities in the hospitals.


Every woman going through something as major as a breast cancer treatment needs a support system, and for me, Hospals became that support system. I am very grateful to them and appreciate how effectively they handled everything.

- Rashmi Pillai, Bangladesh

My wife’s treatment for breast cancer was emotionally and financially draining. Traveling to India for the treatment with Hospals rescued us from what could have been a big challenge. They connected us to the best doctors in India at the best possible prices.

- Ali Khan, UAE

The staff at Hospals made sure I was comfortable throughout my journey to India for the treatment of breast cancer and also took everything else off my hands, which would have otherwise been a lot to handle, like Visa, travel, stay. I am very happy I chose Hospals.

- Abel Kassa, Ethiopia

My mom and I traveled to India for her breast cancer surgery last year with the help of Hospals, and everything was very efficiently managed. They offered us the highest quality treatment package at the best prices.

- Ali Ahmed, Qatar

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